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Social Mobilisation: NULM Social Mobilisation: NULM

Social Mobilisation and Institution Development (Operational Guidelines): National Urban Livelihoods Mission

The National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) shall rest on the foundation that the mobilisation of urban poor households to form their own institutions is an important investment for an effective and sustainable poverty reduction programme. These institutions of the poor would partner with local self-governments, public service providers, banks, private sector and other mainstream institutions to facilitate delivery of social and economic services to the poor. This document has the following components 

  •  Building Community Institutions – Self-Help Groups and their federations components 
  •  Universal Financial Inclusion Component
  •  Resolving fund support to SHGs and their federations Component
  •  City Livelihood Centres Component
  •  Training for community institutions, SHGs and thier federations