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Climate and transport Climate and transport

A Global Macro Roadmap Outlining an Actionable Vision towards Decarbonized, Resilient Transport

The Paris Agreement adopted at COP 21 requires us collectively to successfully transform world transport systemically over the next 40 years, in order to achieve a “netzero-emission economy”. It is with this objective in mind that PPMC, the global transport coalition since COP 21, is putting forward a macro roadmap. This tool, designed to be relevant for all continents, comprises eight components that are phased and articulated in synergy with each other. It is now up to the countries that are Parties to the Agreement to adapt these actions to their specific contexts, thereby maximizing their chances of successfully implementing deep change which, above and beyond the unavoidable disruptions it will bring, is promising. If well-orchestrated, it will offer great potential for new growth. We see this decarbonized economy as more innovative, more inclusive, positive for the environment, conducive to boosting employment and better suited to our societies’ aspirations for better quality of life. The project is ambitious yet feasible.