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The Policy Climate

In The Policy Climate, we offer an overview of policy issues relevant to climate change across the world. We find that the implementation of policy relevant to climate change, and its impact, accelerated markedly over the last decade, despite the slow pace of international climate negotiations. This project  focuses on:

  1. Brazil, China, India, Europe, and the United States—These regions not only represent the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions but vary widely in terms of economic development, natural resource endowment, political system, and climate policy, and can offer different lessons to policymakers;
  2.  The economic sectors that represent the greatest potential for greenhouse gas mitigation within each of these regions; and
  3. A defined set of policy issues within these regions and key sectors that most affect climate change.

For each of the sectors covered in these regions, this report provides stylized facts and data about emissions trends, as well as a summary of drivers for those emissions over the last 20 to 30 years. Since institutional and political issues are such an important factor in the climate story, it also includesa summary of the most important political considerations and policy directions for each of the geographies covered, as well as highlight important policy issues that cut across geographic boundaries. In so doing, The Policy Climate also highlights important issues that form the basis of CPI’s work.