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Re-Cycling of Gray Water Re-Cycling of Gray Water
Re-cycling Of Gray Water 2 Re-cycling Of Gray Water 2

Double Plumbing System & Recycling of Gray Water in Homes: An Approach to lower down consumption of water supply in Urban Areas

This is a presentation on Gray Water Recycling shared by Rajkot Municipal Corporation. Gray water Recycling is a biggest source to save “Drinking Water”. Dual Plumbing System and recycling of treated gray water in new coming/constructing new Buildings can save fresh water going in to waste for toilet flushing, floor washing, gardening. It will satisfy about 30% of fresh drinking water requirement. Why Municipal corporations, Municipalities are not making compulsion in this area? Timely decision in this sector would save drinking water for next generation.
It is important to implement through MOUD GOI & CPHEEO providing a guideline amendment in the CPHEEO Manual 2013 for GRAY WATER in place of treated sewage/Black water.