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Urban redevlopment Urban redevlopment

Urban Redevelopment: From Urban Squalor to Global City

Singapore’s Central Area was an overcrowded, slum-filled and heavily-polluted urban centre in the 1960s. Rapid redevelopment in the following decades has transformed it into a global financial centre today, exemplifying the progress made by the city-state.

Urban redevelopment is not only about the physical rebuilding of a city, it involves a wide range of socio-economic elements vital to the overall life of a metropolis. Singapore’s urban redevelopment process illustrates how social, economic, and environmental goals can be achieved within the constraints of a land-scarce, island-city-state.

This book examines the decision-making process, legislative and policy tools, as well as planning and development strategies that shaped Singapore’s Central Area over the years. The narrative integrates multiple urban development domains—including governance, urban planning, environmental clean-up and transport—and provides a comprehensive perspective on the redevelopment of the Central Area.