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Smart Streets – Visakhapatnam Smart Streets – Visakhapatnam

Smart Streets – Visakhapatnam

A pilot project of 7 km including 2 major streets – Waltair Main Road and Chinna Waltair Road has been planned under this intervention. This project includes: wide footpaths, cycle tracks, landscape corridor with trees, pedestrian street lighting, bus bays, on-street parking, road markings, median, hawker zone, improved junctions, table tops, universal accessible design by introduction of ramps, benches and planting beds, provision for future bus stops, public toilets and ATMS, reserving the space for utilities in a specifed corridor, reserving the utility crossing duct at every 500 m along the Smart Street, rehabilitation of tertiary storm water road side drain for easing out of rain water with proper shoulders, new water supply lines, Public Bike Sharing system (PBS)