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Smart City Proposal Surat Smart City Proposal Surat
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Surat

“Smart Utilization of Surat Potential for enhancing Quality of life for the citizens by Providing Equal Access to Best Quality Physical Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure and Mobility; Thus making Surat a Futuristic Global city with focus on enhancing economy, protecting the ecology and preserving the culture of the city.”

Surat Smart City focuses on development of a particular area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by smart interventions. It is envisaged that the area under consideration will transform into a well-planned urban space with sustainable and rationally incremental economic development and activity.

The pan city proposal for Surat city is envisaged to maximize the benefits out of the service base. The proposal will aim to improve public services and citizen interface. It will be centered around the theme of Citizen Friendly Surat through Intelligent Transport and Connectivity.