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Urbanization Course Syllabus Urbanization Course Syllabus

City and Metropolitan Planning

Cities are dynamic entities that is they are constantly growing and developing. Today more than 50% population are urban worldwide and as per future estimates, it would be 66% in 2050. In India, the urban population is expected to double from 32% (2011) to 60% (2050). At present, there are several issues related to the growth and development and many of our cities are not planned.

The complexities and severity of issues pertaining to cities of various size classes thus make it imperative to gain knowledge related to approaches, concepts, theory. Techniques and  process of planning of city and metropolitan areas

Considering the scale, typology, hierarchy and the complexity pertaining to growth and development of Indian cities and the present situation of unplanned cities and inadequate planning capacities, this course would impart knowledge related to Urbanization trends and its implications; City in the context of its and city-region linkages ; Evolution and history of settlements encompassing Paleolithic period to modern cities; New towns, Countermagnets, Satellite towns, Periurban areas and inner cities.

The course would also cover History of town planning spanning industrial times to modern period; Planning theories and models covering classical period to emerging theories ; planning approaches e.g. resilient planning and techniques including vision formulation, methodology and process, methods of data collection including survey techniques and analytical techniques; Hierarchy of plans including Regional plans, Master Plan, Zonal Plan, Local Area Plan and Layout Plan; Legal mandates and guidelines for planning and development including Acts, Policies , Missions and Schemes.

The course would include also management of urban development including urban redevelopment, urban governance and reforms, participatory approaches, implementation of plans, finally financing of urban development.

The course would be supplemented by case studies for better understanding.