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Citizen Engagement Report Citizen Engagement Report

Citizen-Centric Model Development Based On Identification Of Urban Issues

Globally, ‘Smart Solutions’ tend to be technology centric with the emphasis on taking the city’s efficiency to the next level. In India, we have a unique situation with significant shortcomings in basic infrastructure. In addition, we have huge differences in income levels, demographics, and lifestyles within the same city limits. Technology-led Smart City use cases that are imported run the risk of being seen as elitist and not capable of addressing the basic issues on the ground. Smart city development plans should be guided by the philosophy of making our cities inclusive, Citizen-centric, and solving urban issues by using technology as an enabler. As a guide for city administrators, Frost & Sullivan proposes a sixstep “Citizen-centric Smart City Development Model”. Bhopal has been shortlisted as an aspirant in the smart cities challenge by the Ministry of Urban Development and, like other cities, it is required to submit a Smart City Proposal. Citizen consultation is the key part in preparing Smart City Proposal for which Bhopal has identified Frost & Sullivan as the consulting partner. Frost & Sullivan has conducted a detailed citizen consultation program and a finding of the same is documented in this report.