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Energy Saving in Transport Energy Saving in Transport

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User Guide for India’s 2047 Energy Calculator: Transport Sector

Given the vital role that the transport sector plays for the economy it is critical for the country to ensure that it is able to meet this rapidly growing energy demands. It is for this reason that the 12th Five Year Plan suggests that not only should transport policies and related technologies be made far more efficient but also that adequate public transport services be introduced across the country. To cut down the energy demand for freight transport it also suggests that necessary planning should be undertaken for the creation of transport hubs around manufacturing centres and ports. The plan has also emphasized on increasing the traffic movement of both passenger and freight on railways given its relative energy efficiencies over road (Planning Commission, 2013). Taking such measures is imminent to not only ensure national energy security, but also for reducing the nation’s overall carbon footprint. It is for that purpose that through a set of ‘what-if’ analysis of the transport sector, the 2047 Energy Calculator for India tries to identify the potential energy savings benefits by simulating the impacts of various alternative energy savings scenarios for the sector