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Smart City Proposal Bhopal Smart City Proposal Bhopal
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Bhopal

The vision for Bhopal has been formulated as: “Transforming Bhopal, a City of Lakes, Tradition& Heritage into a leading destination for Smart, Connected and Eco Friendly communities focused on Education, Research, Entrepreneurship and Tourism”

Area Based Proposal: Shivaji Nagar redevelopment project is designed to unlock the value of underutilized  government land in the heart of the city. It will radically transform the area into an eco friendly and financially sustainable model. It will incorporate all smart city features within a new urban landscape, ensuring relationship of people to place and buildings to space. It is strategically located between two primary transport axes (BRTS & proposed Metro) and embodies ToD principles to provide a compact, walkable and sustainable spatial morphology. This will lead to a ripple effect in catalyzing the future economic and social development of Bhopal.

Bhopal’s Pan City proposal comprises a bouquet of solutions which will be built on  existing ICT infrastructure with minimum administrative bottlenecks. Focus is on integrated and streamlined city operations with ease of governance for administration, ease of access for citizens and ease of business for industry.