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Procurement Workshop for Smart Cities

Partial Date: 2016CE Dec 20th to 2016CE Dec 21st
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The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) is holding 2 days Workshop on Procurement Training for Smart Cities in consultation with World Bank on 20th-21st December 2016. The procurement of Goods and Services is an important acclivity for successful rolling out Missions of Smart Cities as well as AMRUT.

The MoUD has shortlisted panels of consulting firms to provide technical assistance to the Smart Cities for implementation of following reforms in Smart Cities. These are mandatory reforms under the ‘AMRUT’ mission also.

  1. Improvement in Property Tax collection.
  2. Enhancement in Revenue from Advertisement Tax
  3. Reduction in NRW.
  4. Generating additional revenue through Value Capture Financing
  5. Credit Rating of ULBs
  6. Issuance of Municipal Bonds 2

A list of empaneled consulting firms and Model RFPs for all 6 reforms are provided in the Office Memorandums. The States/Smart Cities have been requested to issue the RfPs to the empanelled firms to procure consulting firms for providing technical assistance for each reform, as per procedure prescribed in the RFP. The contract will be signed by the Cities and payment/ funding for Smart Cities will be done under the Capacity Building for Urban Development (CBUD) of the MoUD on the basis of approval/acceptance of deliverable specified in the RFP by the respective Cities.