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Wastewater Treatment And Recycling

Partial Date: 2018CE Jul 30th to 2018CE Oct 21st
Document Category: MOOC, Waste Water Recycling

With growing concerns over freshwater availability, concept of treating and recycling wastewater is progressively getting more pertinent. However, wastewater to be recycled need to be treated first for ensuring its quality sufficiently fit for designated uses,such as irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, ground water recharge etc. Wastewater treatment can be specifically tailored to meet the water quality requirements of a planned reuse, as some would need only moderate treatment while few others may require higher degree purification.This course aims to discuss the various treatment technologies and their application for producing reuse quality water from wastewater. The course will largely cover topics including the basic philosophy of wastewater treatment, principles of various wastewater treatment units, conventional treatment systems, advanced treatment processes, recycling and reuse opportunities and wastewater reuse criteria. The purpose of this course is to instil in participants the comprehensive knowledge and understanding on technologies for water reclamation and reuse.