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Tourism and Skill dvelopment Tourism and Skill dvelopment

Human Resource and Skill requirements in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector (2013-17), (2017-22)

Minister of State launched the Human Resource and Skill Requirement reports across 24 sectors in India which will serve as the baseline for all skill development initiatives being planned across the country. The idea behind the Skill Gap Studies is to understand which sectors are likely to face the biggest gaps. He said, it is imperative for us to plan the skilling of future workforce of India on the basis of these reports.

According to the report;'

  • The Ministry of Tourism, with its Incredible India campaign, and state tourism boards, governed by the Ministry of India, continue topromote the various travel and tourism activities offered by states, and country as a whole
  • •With involvement of foreig companies in domestic airline brands, there is expected to be a rise in the domestic brand awareness across the globe, attracting the expatriate, as well as foreign tourist.
  • The consumer base using online transactions continues to be primarily from urban areas and tier 1 cities. With the government’s efforts to increase internet penetration in tier 2 cities and rural areas, the consumer base is expected to swell in the coming years. In 2012, online air travel sales represented the strongest share overall in air bookings, at 26% of sales. However, internet sales of other transportation witnessed growth of 8% during the same year. Railways are also experiencing increasing demand for online bookings and  reservations, leading to requirement to upgrade systems to make online bookings faster and convenient