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Call for Ideas: Urban Futures post COVID-19

Urban Recovery Response: Way Forward for Indian Cities towards the new 'normal' 

Post Lockdown Re-emergence Strategies: How can academic institutions and urban professionals support ULBs in finding coping mechanisms & institutional reforms?

In a fast-moving global crisis, when information swarms from every direction, citizens look up to their governments for information, guidance and leadership. They expect to be kept safe and healthy. This puts an enormous responsibility on government bodies, public officials and administrators. 

As we eventually emerge from the crisis: 

  • How can they hope to gain clarity amid chaos?
  • How can they move from ad-hoc solutions to a well-planned path to recovery?
  • How can they take meticulous decisions to provide a safer and healthier life for citizens?
  • How can they ensure a more resilient, effective responses in the future?

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A section in Smartnet will be created to showcase all the curated entries received for this initiative.