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Traffic Management System Traffic Management System

ITS Toolkit for Traffic Management System

The techniques of trafc management are the frst line of acton adopted in order to regulate and control the vehicular trafc flow for safety and effciency of trafc operaton in a city. The traffic management is generally carried out as per available ground situatons without making any major interventons in the present infrastructure. The conventonal techniques experience their own limitatons as discussed in this toolkit, but by adding the capability of “ITS”- Intelligent Transport System, the effectveness of traffic management system increases in manifold tmes. \

This toolkit aims to provide a step by step approach to select and implement ITS tools for trafc management system of a city. This toolkit is meant for selectng and implementng ITS based Trafc Management System and can be used by city ofcials, administrators and network managers responsible for safe and efcient operaton of vehicular trafc in the city without resortng on to much applicaton of transport planning. Further it may be said that applicaton of trafc management measures is an important step to be undertaken before any city embarks upon adoptng comprehensive transportng planning programme to be accompanied by a large scale capital investment for its implementaton.