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advisory on improving SWM advisory on improving SWM

Advisory on Improving Municipal Solid Waste Management Services

solid waste management is an obligatory function of the urban local bodies, this service has been poorly performed by most of them resulting in problems of public health, sanitation, and environmental degradation. With rapid pace of urbanization, the situation is becoming more and more critical day-byday. Infrastructure development is not in a position to keep pace with population growth owing to poor financial health of most of the urban local bodies. Lack of financial resources, institutional weakness, improper choice of technology, lack of public participation in solid waste management, non-involvement of private sector, etc., have made the service far from satisfactory. There is, therefore, a need to handle this problem in a concerted manner and adopt strategies to tackle all aspects of waste management scientifically involving private sector wherever necessary and possible. A policy framework is, therefore, necessary to guide and support the urban local bodies in the country for managing the solid waste scientifically and cost effectively.