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Multi-level Car Parking – Udaipur Multi-level Car Parking – Udaipur

Multi-level Car Parking – Udaipur

Parking of vehicles on the street is commonplace is Udaipur – the situation is particularly pronounced in marketplaces, commercial and offce areas in the city. This has made travel through these areas diffcult with slow movement of traffic, long travel time and signifcant vehicular pollution.

For providing well managed, of-street parking, fve car-parking facilities have been planned for Udaipur. The facility at Municipal Corporation offce precinct has been the frst to be developed, with other planned car parking at various stages of implementation.

The key smart features of the multi-level car parking are:
• Variable Message Sign (VMS) display of available parking at the nearest road junctions
• Display of available parking spots at the entrance of the parking facility
• Sensors and guidance to vehicles for available parking spot