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Urban Mobility Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility

This documentation takes into consideration the current transport situation and dynamic challenges faced by each city, including high levels of energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, congestion, road casualties, urban sprawl, and social exclusion. It also describes how these cities have implemented certain solutions that aim at improved urban planning, traffic demand management, public transit development, non-motorized transport, streetscape design, road planning, low-emission vehicles and logistics planning. Before replication, the strategies and programs have to be tailored and contextualised specifically to the needs of the city.

This Compendium assembles good practices from countries like Nigeria, Mexico, UK, South Korea, China, Singapore and Colombia. Cases are examined from the perspective of increasing operational efficiency, enhancing systemic capacity, creating efficient public private partnerships and building long-term sustainability into urban management activities. Priority has been given to cases from developing countries in order to increase adaptability and replicability of key concepts and practices.