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Life Cycle Cost Analysis Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Five Urban Transport Systems

The choice of the Urban Transport System is the key decision point for cities, states and the central government. It is most relevant because different classes of cities and different corridors in the same city require different public transport solutions. The country has so far failed to develop objective criteria for the selection of public transport modes.

This study focussed at introducing a scientific cost based approach of arriving at “The Full Life Cycle Cost of different systems”- thereby making “Life Cycle Costs of the Systems” integral to informed decision taking. From this perspective the study marks a paradigm shift and IUT believes that the final outcome of the report shall be first tool available for informed decision making in the country by the policy planners and the union/state/city governments to make the choice of a particular urban transport mode or a combination of that.

Equally importantly, the study has focused on seeing the impact of external environment changes like changing inflation index, variation in interest rates and fluctuation of interest rates etc. that often influence and impact the systems stability and cost over its operational life.