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Mobility Plan Mobility Plan

National Electric Mobility Plan 2020

The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 is one of the most important and ambitious initiatives undertaken by the Government of India that has the potential to bring about a transformational paradigm shift in the automotive and transportation industry in the country. This is a culmination of a comprehensive collaborative planning for promotion of hybrid and electric mobility in India through a combination of policies aimed at gradually ensuring a vehicle population of about 6-7 million electric/hybrid vehicles in India by the year 2020 along with a certain level of indigenisation of technology ensuring India’s global leadership in some vehicle segments. It is a composite scheme using different policy-levers such as:

  1. Demand side incentives to facilitate acquisition of hybrid/electric vehicles
  2. Promoting R&D in technology including battery technology, power electronics, motors, systems integration, battery management system, testing infrastructure, and ensuring industry participation in the same
  3. Promoting charging infrastructure
  4. Supply side incentives
  5. Encouraging retro-fitment of on-road vehicles with hybrid kit

The 2020 roadmap estimates a cumulative outlay of about Rs.14000 cr. during the span of the scheme, including industry contribution. After the launch of NEMMP-2020 in January 2013 by the  Prime Minister of India, a concrete policy proposal with financial road map has now been prepared so that appropriate policy and financial support in the form of approval of the government as a plan scheme and budgetary provisions under plan or non-plan heads are in place for the timely launch of the scheme in 2015-16 itself to ensure that efforts to provide a clean and gasoline free transportation option to the people in a significant manner become a reality and our oil import burden is also reduced eventually.