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Wash Status report Wash Status report

Progress on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene: 2017 update and SDG baselines

WHO and UNICEF established the Joint MonitoringProgramme for Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in 1990, and published regular global updates throughout the= Millennium Development Goal period. This report is the first update of the SDG period. It is by far the most comprehensive global assessment of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to date and includes a wealth of new information on the types of facilities people use and the level of service they receive.

This report establishes the first-ever national, regional andglobal baseline estimates for the new SDG indicators of “safely managed” drinking water and sanitation services – meaning drinking water at home that is free from contamination and available when needed, and toilets from which excreta are treated and disposed of safely. Additionally, the report provides global data on the percentage of people who have access to soap and water for handwashing. These new indicators correspond with the ambition of the SDG targets, and raise expectations for both service providers and monitoring systems. They are universally applicable and meeting them will pose challenges for rich countries as well
as poor ones.