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Towards A Sustainable Transportation System for the COVID-19 Recovery Period

Currently, the country is in lockdown till 14th April 2020 in an attempt to prevent the community spread of pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. The lockdown may further extend depending upon containment level. We have witnessed substantial portion of the population going into self-isolation. People from majority of employment sectors, educational and several other affiliated areas have adopted the Work-From-Home (WFH) option as a regular activity. Another major portion of the population that include migrant laborers, vendors are now returning to their native places. These scenarios have led to a huge amount of inter-nation and intra-nation travel. After the lockdown, we move into a recovery period, where people from all demography and strata will again start commuting to their daily work. In any case, if the transportation infrastructure is unable to meet the travel demand during that period, it may generate woes for common people as well as the government agencies. Along with the movement of people, proper mobility of essential food, freight and medical support has to be ensured. Thus, rises the need for efficient transportation planning and policy recommendations that not only serve the demand but do so while still ensuring sustainability in terms of environment, economy and resources.