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ICT deployment and strategies for smart cities ICT deployment and strategies for smart cities

ICT Deployment and Strategies for India's Smart Cities: A Curtain raiser

As cities in India gear up and draw plans for the honourable PM’s 100 Smart Cities program, this report on ICT Guidelines for Smart Cities is an accompaniment to the Smart City Mission Guidelines document released by the Ministry of Urban Development. It attempts to draw attention to and outline a set of guidelines and frameworks for ICT for Smart Cities. It focuses on ICT’s role in Smartness and how to truly achieve Smartness with the effective use of a rapidly evolving ICT. While there are several efforts by different institutions in the Smart City arena, this collaborative government-academia-industry-societal effort organised by TEC, DOT is solely focussed on the ICT needs and approaches of Smart Cities. Its singular aim is to harmonise and orchestrate an ICT framework for the future of India’s Cities.

This report provides an overall view on the foundational ICT required by Indian Smart Cities that can facilitate the Smart applications and verticals outlined above. In particular, it ascribes to outline collaborative efforts with all other working group of TEC by the Smart City group that strives to broadly depict areas within Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) that can help cities become interoperable and coherent, more sustainable and efficient, improve governance structures and bring in more autonomy in systems and services thereby improving the overall quality of life of its citizens.