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Standards for mobility cards Standards for mobility cards

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Minimum Standards & Specification Document for Card and Devices

This specification and standards document has been prepared by UTIITSL, its Consortium Partners after multiple discussions with industry experts, technology providers and partners and stakeholders. It has been written to be compatible with the requirements of National and International Standards. T

he specification can be used for the standardization of devices and recommended to be used for the implementation of National Common Mobility Program in the multi modal and multi-operator environment within the practical limits for transport. This document provides minimum standards and specification of the card and essential devices to implement National Common Mobility Card Program. The essential standards & specifications of devices and card details available in this document are intended for the National Common Mobility Card Program.

The use of these standards for applications other than their intended use may require adjustment to meet all applicable criteria. Those parties using these Standards & Specifications details are responsible for due diligence prior to their use. It is important that sufficient information is provided to the public transport Organization or implementing agency