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Strategy for waste water Management Strategy for waste water Management

Strategy for Urban Waste Water Management

The present document explains the Strategy and Framework for Urban Waste Water Management with special focus to the Grey Water Recycle and Reuse. It explains the different types of waste water, its characteristics, strategy to be adopted for waste water management especially with the concept of recycle and reuse and the technological aspects. It provides a review of the urban waste water management in Indian cities and other countries and also mentions about the best practices taken place elsewhere in the country and outside. The strategy and framework is developed through analysing the secondary information, discussions with municipal functionaries and experts and also integrating the experience of CED in working with the ULBs in general and Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi City Corporations and Payyannur Municipality in particular. Each activity components are analysed on the background of field experiences and tried to incorporate those learnings in to the strategy and framework and also deriving technological options.