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Street Design Guidelines Street Design Guidelines

Urban Street Design Guidelines Pune

Urban street design guidelines for Pune' as a new policy document which puts place and people before the movement of vehicles. It emphasizes on the concept of 'equitable allocation of street space' which is also one of the key principles outlined in the National Urban Transport Policy.

The Urban Street Design Guidelines give an overview of various elements that go into designing streets making them universally accessible, and also provide standard templates for different sizes and uses of streets. This document provides a mandate for PMC engineers and planners for designing and executing streets to meet local needs, avoiding a one-sizefits-all approach. We cannot turn the clock back but by implementing the recommendations mentioned here, we can make sure that in future,  we design streets which put people and the quality of their lives first.

The document is also for reference to architects, urban planners, local communities and NGOs in Pune so that they can be more involved in decisions about changing the character of streets in Pune and making them more people-friendly.