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Smart City Proposal Kochi Smart City Proposal Kochi
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Kochi

The Vision is “to transform Kochi into an inclusive, vibrant city of opportunities with efficient urban services, sustainable growth and ease of living"

Area Based Solution: A holistic replicable Retrofit Transformation of ~7 sq km of Fort Kochi-Mattancherry-Central City linked by waterway.

i. Seamless multi-modal transport covering Waterway(4 km),  pedestrian and NMT 

   friendly roads (~ 110 km) and links with metro, mobility hubs and other water ways

ii. Renewal of Open Spaces through rejuvenation of 4 Canals and adjoining open spaces in their vicinity.

iii. Inclusive essential services delivery to 100,000 citizens including 24x7 water supply, energy, SWD, sewerage, housing, sanitation and SWM.

iv. Restoring Fort Kochi as a Heritage area and re-configuring City Centre as a Commercial Hub.

v. Embedded Smart Solutions across all components.

Two solutions are proposed under the Pan City Solution: 

Pan-city Solution (I): Integrated delivery of Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services using Smart Card and    mobile platforms in two phases

Pan-city Solution (II): Implementation of a intelligent water management solutions (including smart metering and command and control systems) for city-wide 24x7 water supply.