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Solid Waste Management Toolkit Solid Waste Management Toolkit

Toolkit for Public Private Partnership frameworks in Municipal Solid Waste Management

The Toolkit aims to facilitate a better understanding of applicability of potential PPP models in the context of the issues and challenges faced in the MSWM sector and to provide a step-by-step approach for identifying, evaluating and implementing PPP projects in the MSWM sector. A rapid assessment of the sector, covering recent policy developments in the sector, compilation of case studies of select PPP case studies in India and a review of the baseline scenario in select satellite towns to explore scope for application of PPP models suggested in this toolkit, was undertaken as part of the process of developing this toolkit.

This Toolkit has been prepared from the perspective of an Urban Local Body and is intended as a high-level guide for Practitioners and project developers that seek to develop, structure and implement PPP projects in MSWM at the ULB level. This Manual has three primary audiences: a) Practitioners responsible for implementing PPP projects at the local and state government level, b) Policy makers responsible for conceptual clarity on PPPs and for developing sector level PPP programs and c) the support eco-system of Transaction advisors and other agencies that work with Practitioners and policy makers in conceptualising and implementing PPPs in the MSWM sector.