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Kanpur Economic Development Kanpur Economic Development

India - Competitive cities in India : Kanpur unrealized potential - the lagging growth trajectory of a manufacturing hub

This case study of the city of Kanpur contributes to developing an understanding of the factors driving city competitiveness in general and in India in particular. Kanpur’s lagging growth trajectory cannot be understood purely in terms of city-level factors; national; and state-level factors also play an important role. In the context of a weak city government, this study focuses on proactive interventions made by various city-level stakeholders, in this case largely the private sector, to improve Kanpur’s competitiveness. Kanpur’s future will hinge on the ability of all stakeholders to foster more broad-based growth coalitions and linkages in order to mobilize public and semi-public goods to translate the city’s potential into wider, stronger, and more sustainable economic benefits.