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Scheme-Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Scheme-Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants

Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Application Scheme

The Government of India launched Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission during 2010-11, which is a major initiative of the Government of India and State governments to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India's energy security challenge. It will also constitute a major contribution by India to the global effort to meet the challenges of climate change. 

The immediate aim of the mission is to focus on setting up an enabling environment for solar technology pentration in the country both at centalized and decentralized level. The first phase (up to 31st March 2013) focused on promoting off-grid systems inclusing hybrid systems to meet/ supplment power, heating and cooling energy requirements. Based on the experience gained during the 1st phase of the Mission, the programme is being expanded with a focus on energy access and replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy.

The operational guidelines gives the objective ans cope of the programme as well as other operational details concerning the scheme.