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Low Emission Technologies and Supply Systems

Partial Date: 2018CE Sep 18th to 2018CE Oct 30th
Document Category: E-Learning, energy

Are you confused by the discussions about the role of coal and gas in today’s electricity supply? Is nuclear the answer to climate change problems but you have concerns about its safety, not to mention how these fuels fit in a sustainable energy supply?

This course examines electricity generation from traditional sources including coal, gas and nuclear, and describes recent developments to improve efficiency and environmental performance. This includes the use of carbon capture and storage technology as a way of decarbonising electricity. We will also examine carbon intensive industries such as cement, steel making, paper, pulp and fertiliser production as well as carbon intensive transportation fuels.

You will be exposed to a number of the arguments for and against the use of fossil fuels. The course will help you to understand their role in the transition to a sustainable future and what the trade-offs might include.


What you'll learn

  • Current features of coal, gas and nuclear power generation technologies and their future development
  • Basic principles and emissions intensity of oil refining and coal to liquids processes for transportation fuels
  • New developments in carbon capture, transportation and storage processes
  • Case study of an unconventional gas industry
  • The implications of improving efficiencies in carbon intensive industrial processes.