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heatwave action plan heatwave action plan

Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan 2017

Climate change is leading to an increase in average temperatures and increased possibilities of severe heat waves. Extreme heat can lead to dangerous, even deadly, health consequences, including heat stress and heatstroke. The city of Ahmedabad had a major heat wave in May 2010, which led to 1,344 additional deaths registered in the city during the month of May. The 2010 heat wave was a wakeup call that intergovernmental agency action, preparedness, and community outreach was needed to save lives. Rising to this challenge of climate change and increasing heat waves, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is working to prepare health systems and residents against dangerous heat waves. The first Heat Action Plan (HAP or Plan) was prepared in 2013 by the AMC with help from national and international academic experts and learning from global best practices on early warning systems and heat adaptation.The 2016 Heat Action Plan is an updated version of the first comprehensive early warning system

and preparedness plan for extreme heat events in India launched in Ahmedabad in 2013. The Plan creates immediate and longer-term actions to increase preparedness, information -sharing, and response coordination to reduce the health impacts of extreme heat on vulnerable populations.

The Heat Action Plan aims to implement four key strategies:

  • Building Public Awareness and Community Outreach
  • Initiating an Early Warning System and Inter-Agency Coordination
  • Capacity Building Among Health Care Professionals
  • Reducing Heat Exposure and Promoting Adaptive Measures