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India’s Smart Cities Mission: Smart for Whom? Cities for Whom?

This study uses a human rights lens to objectively analyse the selected Smart City Proposals and to assess what they focus on, what their vision for urban India is, and whether there is a coherent and equitable vision driven by cities’ realistic needs and people’s demands and concerns. Since the Mission is evolving and new developments occur almost daily, this study is presented as a working paper that provides some preliminary observations, inferences, and recommendations. It is divided into four sections, each of which attempts to answer a question: 1. What is the Smart Cities Mission?

2. What is the focus of the Smart City Proposals, particularly on the urban poor and on providing housing for low income groups?

3. What are the major human rights concerns and challenges related to the Smart Cities Mission?

4. What could the government do to ensure that the Smart Cities Mission actually improves living conditions and guarantees the human rights of all?