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Air pollution solutions for Delhi_TERI Air pollution solutions for Delhi_TERI

Breathing Cleaner Air: Ten Scalable Solutions for Indian Cities

The report detailes a set of ten scalable solutions to clean the air. It was synthesized with the available data on sources of air pollution, its transport over long distances, its impact on public health, food production, regional climate, to arrive at the solutions that can significantly help reduce air pollution in Indian cities and states. In this interim report, focuses on the winter season in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, as the winter season experiences the worst pollution episodes and these areas suffer adversely from air pollution. The focus is to  drastically reduce winter pollution, we can effectively solve the problem for the entire year. 

Our vision is similar to that which transformed the State of California in the US, which had the most polluted cities (perhaps in the world) in the 1960s. With concerted effort by a team of scientists, technologists, policy makers, and a committed citizenry, California managed to drastically cut its pollution. There are opportunities for India to collaborate with California as it works to tackle similar pollution concerns. As such, a team of experts from India and California collaborated two years ago and produced twelve steps for reducing pollution from the transport sector