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Community Infrastructure Guidelines Community Infrastructure Guidelines

Guidelines for Community Infrastructure

The purpose of this publication is to address a gap within the leisure industry in Western Australia by providing a reference point and establish Guidelines for the provision of new community infrastructure development within existing or new development areas. It has been developed through extensive research conducted across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the UK and workshopped by industry professionals. The publication is a guide and needs to be seen in the context of a number of changes to the strategic planning, policy and legislative framework in Western Australia, which includes:

  • State Government’s intention to undertake local government reform to streamline decision making processes and ensure more effective use of limited resources.
  • Directions 2031 and beyond, which sets out the strategic vision for the future growth of Perth and Peel region.
  • State Planning Policy 3.6, which sets out the development contribution provisions for standard infrastructure items.
  • Liveable Neighbourhoods, being the operational policy for the design and assessment of structure plans