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Low Cost Smart Cities Low Cost Smart Cities

Low Cost Smart Cities

CPP has launched this Policy Discussion Series to bring out Policy Inputs Papers in areas of priority for government and public, and in the areas mentioned above. These papers will bring out comprehensively the issues, the evidences, the status, the debates and the alternatives. These papers also could emanate from research which are underway to help solicit expert views and public opinion. These papers will be presented to the policy makers, administrators, and members of civic societies. We hope this would improve the deliberations on the policies under consideration among the policy makers and concerned citizens and facilitate making of better decisions.

This Series on Low cost Smart City is a Continuum to the previous Discussion Series paper on Smart Cities: A Framework. This paper highlights scope for incorporating low cost solutions for building smart cities and lists various illustrative interventions implemented globally towards this purpose. We hope policy makers and administrators form the urban field would find this useful.