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Bhubaneswar Smart City Plan Bhubaneswar Smart City Plan

Smart City Challenge: State 2-Smart City Proposal: Bhubaneswar Odisha

To move towards a more livable city, Bhubaneswar will focus on creating a model of sustainable urbanization based on New Urbanism principles that have the transformative potential to provide citizens with prosperity, safety, and equity. The focus is on transitioning from conventional urban spatial planning to prioritization of solutions based on the “three-legged” approach adopted from the New Urban Agenda of Habitat III- legal systems, urban planning, and local fiscal systems.

The urban planning system in Bhubaneswar’s context is expanded to include Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning, Infrastructure Planning, and Socio-Economic Planning. Accordingly, Bhubaneswar’s Strategic Plan is built on 5 strategic pillars- Responsive Governance, Transit Oriented Development, Fiscal Sustainability, Infrastructure, and Socio- Economic Development. These pillars are guided by 10 Strategic Directions which are the key strategies for the plan. These together provide the foundation for creating a more inclusive, resource-efficient, and technology enabled future for the city.