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Big Data and IoT Big Data and IoT

Big Data- fitting in the shoes of Internet of Things

Big data, concept denotes data which is huge due to increase in volume, variety from different sources. Considering a general example of Facebook and Twitter where data arises from chats, status, pictures, likes and tweets. For every second there is increase in users along with the data. It has increasing from millions towards trillions, If we consider the developing technology i.e., IoT where the world is moving towards smart technologies and inventions in every sector for making the world more comfortable and efficient, So here the Smart technology which comes as smart home, wastage management, vehicles, transport and so on, So here the question arises that what is the role of Big data in IoT? The concept of IoT is sensors and actuators. A sensor is one which is going to retrieve the input using different methods depending on the type of input, there are different sensors which will sense the input by using different characteristics, so here the sensor will sense the input for every fraction of second and forward to processor for processing with an actuator. It should be considered and maintained at the central server, where the volume is increasing and the data retrieved by central server is of different types with different structures. Here, the problem arises with the limit for every storage aspect and retrieving data in a more efficient way. So here comes the concept for Big data in IoT which is going to follow different procedures for storing the data in different locations along with criteria for maintenance of structured and unstructured data, demonstrating the efficient methodology in retrieving only the relevant data from IoT using the core concepts of Big data, There by justifying our title