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User Guide for India’s 2047 Energy Calculator: Industry

The industry sector in India doubled in value during 2000/01 to 2010/11 and grew at an annual growth rate of 7%. Despite the increase in energy consumption by the sector, the percentage consumption of energy by the sector has not increased dramatically and has stayed between 40- 45% of the total commercial energy consumed. In 2010/11 the industry sector consumed ~1656 Twh (138 MTOE) of energy, which is 45% of the total commercial energy consumed (TEDDY, 2012)

Within the Industry sector aluminium, cement, chlor-alkali, fertilizer, iron and steel, pulp and paper, and textiles are the largest energy consumers, accounting for around 55% (TERI calculations) of total energy use in the industry sub-sector. Most industry sub-sectors in India have a mix of varying plant sizes, different processes, raw materials/feed stocks being used, and large variations in the specific energy consumption of plants. This exercise, however does not consider plant level details and average sub-sector level data and understanding till the year 2011 time period is used to best represent the trends in each major sub-sector and the industry sector as a whole. 2006/07 has been considered as the base year for the calculations, and 2011/12 is the last year for which actual data was available and has been used.