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The BoP Education Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in India: Collaboration between GIZ and Perspectful

This report is intended to advance knowledge of the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) education market in India and support education entrepreneurs as well as investors by highlighting innovative ways of overcoming common challenges in serving the BoP demographic.

The greatest barrier to offering children a better future is education. India’s education system, much like any education system out there, is fraught with challenges that make it difficult to disrupt, reform and recreate. From research and entrepreneurial experiences, we have seen education systems succeed in bringing a better future to its children through the interplay of public and private actors. It is through this interplay that we believe the greatest impact can and will occur in India. It is our ongoing endeavor to support young enterprises, the “edupreneurs”, in their effort to reach learners while holding themselves accountable to high quality learning outcomes. As startup companies embark upon this complex path, our goal is to offer insights from successful companies that have overcome similar challenges and combine those insights with an analysis of what works and what will likely fail.