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National Lake conservation Plan National Lake conservation Plan

Guidelines for National Lake Conservation Plan

Ministry of Environment and Forests has been implementing the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) since 2001 for conservation and management of polluted and degraded lakes in urban and semi-urban areas. The major objectives of NLCP include encouraging and assisting state Governments for sustainable management and conservation of lakes. Lakes being major sources of accessible fresh water, require well planned, sustainable and scientific efforts to prevent their degradation and ultimate death.

NLCP has attempted to learn from its experience in the field for making improvements in the existing system of project formulation and implementation. This document attempts to help the proponents in proper prioritization of lakes based on scientific selection criteria. It lays down guidelines for preparation of detailed project reports and focuses upon the responsibilities of the State Governments to work in close partnership with the Government of India in protection, conservation and sustainable management of lakes. It is hoped that State Government will find the revised guidelines useful. Their committed implementation will immensely improve the prospects for protection and conservation of lakes.