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Data Driven Mobility

Mobility is a key economic driver: moving people and goods is at the core of a well-functioning and prosperous society. Increasing the efficiency and quality of a country’s mobility system helps support a stronger economy and a higher standard of living for its citizens. Data is an essential piece for unlocking maximum value within a transportation system. Data analytics, and data sharing between organizations, has the potential to create more efficient passenger mobility, as well as allow for optimal designing of transit routes and services, infrastructure, and regulations. Data collection is also essential to enabling the use of a number of emerging technologies in the mobility space, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Using data to optimize commutes and transit infrastructure will lead to lower levels of congestion, reduced tailpipe emissions, and less time spent in transit, resulting in cities that are cleaner, safer, better designed, and more economically prosperous. Maximizing the benefits of data analytics for the mobility sector requires the sharing of data between parties. Companies, public transit agencies, and commuters are generating and collecting huge amounts of transport data. However, this data is siloed between organizations and individuals, and recorded with different standards and formats. Absence of transport data ecosystem is an important concern in India as well. Encouraging and enabling data collection and data sharing will allow linking of currently disparate models of transport and unlock tremendous value within the transportation systems in the country