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Outreach sessions in Urban Areas Outreach sessions in Urban Areas

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Conducting Outreach Sessions in urban areas (NUHM)

The Framework of the National Urban Health Mission envisages provision of primary healthcare to the slum dwellers and other vulnerable groups through targeted outreach services. Unlike rural areas, sub-centers are not being set up in the urban areas as distances are relatively small and transportation facilities are easily available. While routinely the services will be provided at the urban PHCs, package of certain identified services shall be provided through targeted outreach services in population clusters which are not easily able to access available services due to distance or other reasons. Auxiliary nurse Midwife (ANM) will provide these outreach services to these populations in slum/vulnerable areas. In addition, special outreach services will also be organized for these identified slum & vulnerable population pockets periodically as per the specific local healthcare needs. The following sections provide broad guidelines for the states to plan and implement this vital modality of service provision in community outreach.