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Climate Resilient Agriculture ACCRN Case study 2 Climate Resilient Agriculture ACCRN Case study 2

Enhancing climate resilience of Gorakhpur city by buffering floods in Gorakhpur city through climate resilient peri-urban agriculture

Conservation of open spaces within city as well in fringe areas is major challenge before Development Authorities and Urban Local Bodies. Unplanned and unregulated growth of human settlements encroach available open areas and make cities vulnerable to climate change impacts. Large scale conversion of agriculture land for non-agriculture uses exacerbates climate change risks of cities by increasing water logging and run-off. Peri-urban agriculture in Gorakhpur provides functional model of enhanced flood buffering of city and sustainable livelihoods of communities by managing open fringe areas around city. Model has the mandate and support of large number of peri-urban communities who believe floods are lesser evil than long months of water logging of living places.