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Innovative Toilet Concepts for Urban India Innovative Toilet Concepts for Urban India

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Innovative Toilet Concepts For Urban India

The document “Innovative toilet concepts for urban India” prepared under the IHUWASH project aims to highlight the latest efforts of individuals and organizations across the country in providing access to safe sanitation servic-
es with clean toilet facilities and achieve the SBM Goal. The case studies documented in this booklet have been grouped into the broad categories - public toilets (in markets, tourist places) community toilets, toilet in schools, and individual household toilets. The case studies presented in the booklet highlights how innovations in toilet de- sign have evolved in the past decade and how each of them is different from the conventional toilet.

The selection of the examples is based on innovative solution proposed in designs, operation, and maintenance model, ensuring health and hygiene in services, and sustainability in terms of O&M. The narratives also mention the challenges in implementing the solutions. The unique features of these facilities are provided with financial details, so that based on requirements and available resources the documented models can be replicated by other cities in the country. The business model looks into the life-cycle cost, delivery of quality services at an affordable cost has also been considered. The information presented in the documented case studies is collated primarily from the respec- tive project proponents, from secondary sources, and by visiting some of these facilities.

At the end of the document, an inclusive Sanitation facility design proposed in one of the IHUWASH pilot city of Mysuru is presented. The document is an effort to encourage other cities across India to adopt similar innovations. It is envisaged that the document will provide a guide to urban local bodies and other practitioners for adopting the suitable features & solutions and will contribute in achieving the goals of Swachh Bharat Mission.