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National Mission on Culture National Mission on Culture

National Mission on Cultural Mapping And Roadmap

The Mission encompasses data mapping, demography building, formalising the processes and bringing all cultural activities under one umbrella for better results. For this, cultural critical mass of knowledge centers (individual/institution/ non-government organisations) in every field of culture & all art forms needs to work in tandem with networking and with dedication. Although disjointed efforts have been going on in this area by various institutions / organisations and isolated success stories are also available, however a holistic approach is the need of the hour. Need of the hour is to establish a cultural roadmap aligned and in consonance with cultural mapping of India by creating a one stop working place for all types of art community.

  • To envision and address the necessity of preserving the threads of rich Indian Art and Cultural Heritage
  • To Convert vast and widespread cultural canvass of India into an objective Cultural Mapping
  • To Design a mechanism to fulfill the aspirations of the whole artist community of the nation
  • To Preserve the rich cultural heritage of this country for future generations  To create a strong “Cultural Vibrancy” throughout the nation

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