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TOD Policy 2017 TOD Policy 2017

National Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Policy

The Ministry has formulated a ‘National Transit Oriented Development Policy’ . This policy seeks to enhance the depth of understanding of States and UTs on TOD as a viable solution to many of the challenges like haphazard urban growth and sprawl, mobility, rapidly rising private vehicles on roads,  pollution, housing choices etc.. This new urban design and planning in the form of TOD, is being incentivesed by the Ministry under two more initiatives viz., Metro Policy and Green Urban Mobility Scheme which also will be discussed with States and UTS for taking them on board.

            Under TOD, city densification will be promoted along mass transit corridors through vertical construction by substantially enhancing  FARs (Floor Area Ratio) backed by  promotion of Non-motorised Transport Infrastructure for walking and cycling to transport stations, development of street networks in the influence zone of transit corridors, multi-modal integration, effective first and last mile connectivity through feeder services to enable people access public transit in 5 to 10 minutes  from home and work places.

   Under the new Metro Policy, TOD has been mandatory while under Green Urban Mobility  Scheme, TOD has been made an essential reform  and  is given priority for receiving central assistance.