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Responding to COVID-19 Through Socialist(ic) Measures: A Preliminary Review

When the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic, countries stepped up efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Some countries resorted to socialist(ic) measures ranging from nationalizing private hospitals to state-supervising face mask factory operations, and from freezing prices of basic commodities to suspending rent, mortgage, and utilities payments. Typical socialist advocacies such as homes for everyone, egalitarian distribution of goods, free health care for all, and public funding for universities and scientific research, also gain more ground as the crisis worsens. This paper is aimed at documenting and describing these measures, as a springboard for arguing that the global capitalist status quo should be transformed/replaced if humanity is to survive this and future global pandemics. At the very least, this paper will also provide practical ideas and insights which local and national authorities can utilize in the battle against COVID-19 and hopefully, in building the foundations of a future socialist world where humanity will be better equipped to deal with pandemics and other crises.