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Smart City Proposal Jabalpur Smart City Proposal Jabalpur
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Jabalpur

City Vision: “Transforming Jabalpur into a vibrant regional economic and cultural hub through inclusive urban regeneration, to act as a magnet for investment and new opportunities for the youth.”

Jabalpur's ABD relies on a financially robust and sustainable, Retrofit cum Redevelopment 'Hub and Spoke' model in Wright and Napier Town (743 Acres). It smartly interlinks existing strategic urban spaces to regenerate its Central Business District (CBD) and create plug-and-play infrastructure.

JMC is a pioneer on solid waste management and waste-to-energy in the state. Thus, leveraging existing effort in the city, RFID-based, real-time, smart waste management system has been selected as the pan city initiative.